Bioandalus is specialized in the development and marketing of organic products. Our wide range of
products is noted for its craft production and the use of domestic raw materials. Natural ingredients, traditional recipes and patience have resulted in products of exceptional quality. Premise we always keep the highest quality standards.

We are a company formed by the synergy of two production sites with organic food industry experience of over 15 years. As the result of the new market conditions we have decided to join forces to provide better service to our customers and higher quality in all our areas of activity.

Our firm
commitment is to develop products that contribute to better feeding, resulting in a portfolio of 100% certified organic products and functional attributes which help to improve healh conditions such as overweight, diabetes or high cholesterol.

We understand that the most
important thing to develop our recipes is the right balance between the traditional mode of production and the quality of raw materials. This seasoned with the love and wisdom craft to offer a unique product in taste and texture.

Our products are certified by the Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture in accordance with European Regulation (EC) 834/2007 which regulates the production method.